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Job Description:

This position is responsible for conducting audit/technical documentation review in Active Medical Product (AMP) of Central region.


1. Conduct auditing/technical documentation review according to standard requirements, regulatory requirements, procedures and code of conduct;

2. Maintain customer communication as project leader for the allocated customers;

3. Support relevant in AMP field for customer service and complaint investigation;

4. Perform other duties assigned by active auditing supervisor and section manager.


1. At least bachelor degree with diploma in Biological Engineering/ Mechanical Design/ Electronic Electrical related major;

2. At least 4 years working experience in the field of medical device;

3. At least 2 years quality management working experience;

4. Know well about all company's policy, procedures related to medical business, with qualification as medical device in certain area;

5. Diligence, self-motivation, self-improvement and strong teamwork spirit;

6. Good communication and interpersonal skills;

7. Can work independently and efficiently, can work under pressure;

8. Good computer skill;

10. Good command of English;

11. Physical condition allows normal working, stable outputs and business trip as required.申请

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